How To Build Huge Biceps – Without Spending All Day At The Gym

It doesn’t matter if it’s for scaring the bully away, to attract the ladies or just to get stronger these work outs that I have put together I can assure you will give you those huge biceps you’ve been looking for. Also, keep in mind that with the proper supplements and eating habits will help speed things up even more.

Before and After

Starting From Zero

As with anything you will have to start from zero and this way will make everything well worth it. First plan out your day, your week and your month. With these exercises (that have done miracles for me) I have put together you will see results in no time. Just remember that persistence and dedication will make a difference. Now don’t think that I will have you living in the gym, no it is quite the opposite. You can even do these exercises as long as you have something that you can use as a weight. And now what you have been waiting for.

Learning Which Workouts To Use

Now before I get into the workouts I do have to point out that just with any other workout you have to warm up properly to prevent any type of injury. OK lets get started:


The Dumbbell Curls With One Arm

-As you may know most that are for the biceps involve other muscle groups as well. But with this exercise you will isolate the biceps and work them out by themselves.

-to start of you will have to sit on a bench. Now extend out the arm that has the One Arm Curlweight and rest it on your other hand (or you can use a bench as seen on the image). You will use this hand to make sure your arm extends all the way back as you bring the weight back down. Now as you curl the weight towards you make sure to keep your head facing straight ahead. Remember to do these nice and slow so that you can get the entire benefit of the work out. It might be hard at first but make sure that your forearm touches your bicep when curling the weight. Personally as a beginner I started by doing 3 sets of 12 and worked my way up and added more weight as well as the muscles started growing.




The Zottman Seated Curl

-Let me start by saying that this is a work out that will feel really uncomfortable (well it did for me at first) at first until it has been done a few times.

-Get 2 weights, one for each hand and sit on a flat bench. While sitting down extend your arms down with the palms facing away from your body. Remember that while doing this your elbows need to stay basically stuck to your sides. Now begin to curl the weights but keep your palms extended away from you. Once your forearm has touched your bicep twist your palm and have it face down now. As your arms go down make sure to do this movement slowly to get the most benefit from it. As a beginner I started with 3 sets of 10 and worked my way up, because believe me it is a little uncomfortable the first few times.



The Concentrated Dumbbell Curl

-These are pretty simple to do and not uncomfortable at all like the previous ones.

-With this one you will only need 1 weight. Sit on a bench and with the weight on Concentrated Curlyour hand place that elbow on your inner thigh. Now lean a little forward and start curling that weight. Like with the previous ones make sure your forearm touches your bicep. Now lower the weight slowly and make sure you lower it all the way down until your arm is fully extended. As a beginner I started with 3 sets of 12 and worked my way up when I noticed that was getting too easy.





The Barbell Curl

-To be able to do this one you will need a bar with weights. This exercise is done while standing up.

-while standing have the weights on your hands with yourBarbell Curl palms facing away from you. You can do this with your feet together or apart, up to you. Now with your back straight and your head facing forward curl the weights up toward your chest. Make sure your forearms touch your biceps. Then slowly put the weights down and fully extend your arms. As a beginner I started with 3 sets of 12 and worked my way up.





The Close Grip Chin-Up

-now using weights is great and all but we also have to use our own weight once in a while. For this one you will need a pull up bar or a place where you can do “pull ups”.Chin Ups

-alright now jump on there but make sure your palms are facing you and that they are no more than 2 to 3 inches apart. Once you are up there pull yourself up until your chin goes over the bar then bring yourself back down with your hands fully extended. Make sure you do this slowly to get the most benefit of it. Now I know you might not do that many of these and that is normal, just remember to do as many as you can and make sure that you do it slowly and do the entire motion of it. which is going all the way up and all the way down.



The Hammer Dumbbell Curl

-with this one you will need 2 weights, one for each hand. This exercise is done standing up.

-With your feet together and the weights on your hands make sure your palms are facing your sides. With this work outHammer Curl your elbows need to be basically glued to your sides. Now without moving your elbows and keeping your palms the same way curl those weights ( I suggest one arm at a time) up until the forearm has touched (yes you guessed it) the bicep. I keep on repeating this because this motion is very crucial. Once that motion has been done, bring your arms back down slowly and repeat with the other arm. As a beginner I started with 3 sets of 12 ( that is 12 on each arm).


Proper Posture is Key!

Keep your form strict, doing so will fully isolate the biceps and contribute to the growth of your biceps. Not just that it will help with injury prevention.

Work Your Biceps Out, Don’t Burn Them Out!

now I know that as a beginner you will want to work out your biceps everyday just to make them bigger faster (I know I did) but let me tell you that this will not help, it will actually do the opposite. For this reason let me emphasize to avoid over training your biceps and also you don’t want to neglect the other muscles in your body. This will make you look really weird and way out of proportion and I don’t think you want that.


 Healthy Habits

just like your car to function properly you need the proper eating habits and the proper nutrients and supplements to function as well. I have also researched the best of the best and will be adding this to this web page as well. Number one thing you have to remember is that if you want to gain more muscle you will need to eat more and drink the proper protein. Without these 2 your muscles cannot grow.

Healthy Foods

Don’t Let The Gym Burn Your Day!

with these workouts that I have provided here you will notice that this will not take you 4 hours in the gym to do. I would do my workouts (and still do) in the morning before I go in to work. Keep in mind that for any endeavor keeping things simple is often the best advice. For training the biceps it is wise to keep things short and simple by sticking with a plan that works and that is based on several basic movements. Now if you have any questions what so ever don’t hesitate to ask, ill be more than happy to help. Click Here!

Work Out Don't Burn Out



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