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Hi there and welcome! I was once told that to build some great looking biceps I would have to spend days and hours in the gym. That made me not want to work out because I did not want to spend half of my life in the gym instead of with my family or living life.

How I Got Into Workingout

It all started when I was in Junior High School. I used to be one scrawny 7th I Dislike Bullysgrader. Number one reason I would get bullied, because of my toothpick arms. Getting pushed around in the hallways of the school and put into garbage cans was no fun at all. One day while in one garbage can, I made a decision that would change my entire life around. I made the decision of not putting up with that anymore and to do something about it.

After that day my life would not be the same. I started to investigate and research on how a scrawny guy like me could get huge biceps. At that time I just wanted huge biceps to scare the bullies away. So I searched and searched until I found a lot of different workouts to put into play and to turn those scrawny arms into Arnold Schwarzenegger arms. Through thorough research I found a lot of websites where they taught you how to do the workouts. I also found websites where to buy the supplements and proteins and have them come straight to your house.Say No To Bullying

Now in days I have found more pages and more supplements that can be used and that won’t affect your health. Personally I like to use if possible natural supplements plus the workouts I have found. The main reason I create this page was to help out anyone that needs help to find good workouts and healthy supplements. I will continue on doing my research and updating this page to make it easier for you to just come to one web page and be able to find everything you need here.

I Want To Make It Easier

Believe me when I say it is hard having to go from one page to another just to find what you need to meet your goal. I’m already doing researches myself to see where to find the supplements necessary and easier, let me add in there that I try to find them cheaper as well imagine everything in one spot and cheaper, nice right? well this is the reason I decided to make this web page, to make it easier on everyone.

My Goal Is To Have Everything Needed

My goal is to have everything necessary in this page to help gain those biceps you want. I made this page to help you out and to make it easier on you to find everything necessary in one spot. If you have any great ideas for me to add on here don’t hesitate to message me. This way we can all help each other. After all that is the way of gaining anything in life, is by helping each other.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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